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Public-Private Partnerships

Public-Private Partnerships play a big role in the redevelopment plans that implement principles described in the United Nations comprehensive forty chapter document called Agenda 21. Public-Private Partnerships in effect move government into the private sector, deciding who will be the winners and who will be the losers. This partnership allows the government to save some investment money up front, leaving the remaining bill to be collected in fees (ex: TOLLS), taxes (ex: BONDS), and charges (ex:nickel and dime you on city services) to the citizens. It is amazing they get away with it! Public-Private Partnerships destroy the free market system and tarnishes the market’s ability to stabilize itself. Public-Private Partnerships generate large amounts of debt that taxpayers will have to pay even if the project is financially successful, or goes bankrupt. Typically, the winners or ‘stakeholders’ are already predetermined and bring the project to the city planners or city planners.   How is the winner ‘fixed’?  The city states that the projects (typically mixed used apartments, bridges, government buildings or toll roads) are open to all public bidders, but after companies review the long list of regulation you have to abide by to ‘win’ the bid such as: LEED certified builders, LEED certified materials, land use ordinances etc., only a few companies with deep pockets and/or financial connections can afford to comply.   Not to mention the harassment cities place on local businesses who can compete with these predetermined ‘stakeholders’.  They city showers these businesses with ordinances, red tape, and obscene regulations, that are extremely costly, that must be taken care of first; before their bid will ‘win’.  The companies that win the bids are the same people who lead, belong to or administer the LEED (energy efficient) standards/products. It is a complete scam for a small elite to maintain domination in the development business, hiding their monopoly within a huge bureaucratic mess of regulations, favoritism, ordinances, green standards, LEED certifications and secret closed-door meetings. Not only do PPP’s destroy the little guy, but the projects in general are a failure financially, such as misallocated funds, or there is no real market demand for the project.  Also, the redevelopment ‘partners’ don’t typically live in the city where the project is, but more often they are an international company.  Many of the so-called ‘local’ stakeholders are actually international firms that have a branch office here in your city.  So the money for the project doesn’t stay at home or most of the time not even in America, allowing profit to go abroad. Again, the ‘stakeholders’ take all the profit and leave the bill to the city’s tax payers. Public-Private Partnerships are a good example of crony capitalism – a sign that corruption has taken over America’s local governments.

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