Your Church and Envrionmental Justice?

And what exactly is Environmental Justice, please do tell us? Wikipedia definition

The United States Environmental Protection Agency defines EJ as follows:

“Environmental Justice is the fair treatment and meaningful  involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or  income with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement  of environmental laws, regulations, and policies. EPA has this goal for  all communities and persons across this Nation. It will be achieved  when everyone enjoys the same degree of protection from environmental  and health hazards and equal access to the decision-making process to  have a healthy environment in which to live, learn, and work.”[5]

The United States Department of Transportation defines three fundamental EJ principles for the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration as follows:

“1) To avoid, minimize, or mitigate disproportionately high and  adverse human health and environmental effects, including social and  economic effects, on minority populations and low-income populations. 2)  To ensure the full and fair participation by all potentially affected  communities in the transportation decision-making process. 3) To prevent  the denial of, reduction in, or significant delay in the receipt of  benefits by minority and low-income populations.”[6]

Suddenly we have government agencies redefining the guarantees already given in our Constitution.  The EPA and DOT have weighed in with their versions.  A funny thing though, our Constitution already gives citizens of the U.S. equal protection, so why are these agencies defining something called Environmental Justice?  Why don’t we have “Clothing Justice?”  Well then, why don’t we have “Food Justice?” Oh, wait, they are working on those, too.  But I digress.
So as I was researching some other unrelated topic the other day, up popped a site called National Religious Partnerships for the Environment  Seems Environmental Justice is now something our religious organizations have joined.  Hmmm…that’s funny, because Environmentalism is already a religion.
As I looked further into this phenom, I found out that this has been inching its way into American religious life for some years now.  Interestingly enough, the founding of this organization coincides with the UN doctrine of Agenda 21.  It appears to have cropped up just the same year that Bill Clinton established the “President’s Council on Sustainable Development.  Isn’t that a coincidence?  Seems churches have figured out a way to glom onto the most trendy fashion of the day which requires Sustainability according to the UN’s Agenda 21, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, the Obama administration, the Sierra Club, Smart Growth, the American Planning Association, the EPA, DOT, HUD, multiple government agencies, and countless other non-profit and for-profit groups, ad infinitum.
So what’s my problem, you might ask.  Two problems, actually.
The first is the confluence of the church with political exploitation.  I was raised a Methodist and have also been a member of the Presbyterian Church at one time.  During my Christian education I was not taught to trash the earth, but in the contrary, to respect the God’s creations and do my best to take care of them.  I was also taught these lessons from my parents.  In all of my life it never occurs to me to do anything but respect nature.  If I kill a copperhead, I am doing it with all due respect to the damage it can do to me and my family.  If I shelter an injured bird or usher a box turtle across the road, I do it because I respect nature and appreciate what is good.  If I pull a weed I am trying to protect the useful plants that weed would choke to death.
The churches I attended were concerned about getting across the word of God, not the word of the UN or the Sierra Club.  Now, apparently, the word of God is not enough.  The churches have decided they will use the environmentalists to interpret the word of God into a political message.  And vice versa.  Environmentalists are using the churches to advocate a political theology.  And this political theology is not the word of God, but a modern usurpation of the word of God to suit a political agenda.
The second is the idea of turning religion into a control mechanism for our government.  Which may seem a conundrum because I do believe our laws are based on Mosaic law and that is fine with me.  And further, I am completely against putting Sharia law into our society.  So how do I resolve that?  Here’s how:  free will.  There is nothing about Sustainable Development that allows for free will.  There is nothing about environmental justice that actually works under the word of God which gives us free will. Why?  Because environmental justice is about theft and about control.  It is, as B. Obama says, “spreading the wealth around,” albeit by government fiat. It is about Marxism under the trendy name of environmental justice.  This is, as I understand the word of God, the antithesis of free will and individual salvation.
I would also add that the word “justice” heretofore in America referred to our actual legal system.  Now the word is abominated to mean that churches are involved in acting out “justice,” along with the EPA, DOT, HUD, and all the above mentioned depts. and orgs.  So everyone involved is thinking they are implementing “justice?”  Doesn’t that just massage the egos of people who wish to control other people.  (rhetorical statement, not a question.) Excuse me?  (Suddenly I am reminded of an old Laugh In routine by Sammy Davis Jr.  called, “Here come da judge!”)  Ooh, aren’t we all so sanctimonious these days?
HERE you will find a list of churches under the heading of ECO Justice Partners  Maybe you’ll find your church affiliation there.  If so, what does that say about the church you attend?  Is environmental justice your reason for going to that church?  Is Sustainable Development your idea of the word of God?  I wonder if you might ask yourself just where is your tithe going and did you mean for your church to be a tool of the UN, the Federal government, or what?  I’ll bet lots of you are the ones who yell and holler about the separation of church and state.
Great Article at Conservatives On Fire explaining Agenda 21 and Sustainability!!!  Be sure to watch the video….you will understand the threat!

Guest writer: Cheryl Pass

Visit Cheryl’s blog at My Tea Party Chronicle – many great articles to read!



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2 responses to “Your Church and Envrionmental Justice?

  1. Thank you all and a speciaal thanks to Cheryl Pass for thee link. This is one of the most important battles that any citizen can take on at the local level. Good luck to you all, and God bless.

  2. I noticed the trend to put home ownership further and further from the grasp of the average American. Now they have kids walking to school, wearing uniforms, and doing calithenics before school. This looks like CHINA! Does anyone miss the Cold War besides me? At least th American Dream was a goal to reach back then.
    Angela Hamon
    US Army DAV/SC

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