21 Truths About Agenda 21 & Sustainable Development

This is a good posting by Darin Moser from American Alert – Exposing the truth behind Agenda 21, Globalism, and Sustainable Development

1) From the largest metropolitan  cities to the smallest towns of Main Street America, communities all across our  nation are being influenced with a new political philosophy known as  Sustainable Development and its primary framework for implementation called Agenda  21.
2) Agenda 21 is the global blueprint of implementation for Sustainable Development  devised by the United Nations and was signed by 178 world leaders at the Earth  Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992.

3) Sustainable Development and Agenda 21 call for a complete  re-orientation of the world system of governance in every area in which human  impacts on the environment.

4) Sustainable Development, like Communism or Fascism, is a  doctrine or philosophy of governance complete with its own agenda, beliefs, and  goals.
5)  On June 29th, 1993 President  Clinton signed Executive Order 12852 creating The President’s Council on Sustainable Development.  This step began the full-scale implementation of  Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development within the United States of America.

6) Sustainable Development is entrenched  throughout our government at every level from federal, state and regional  agencies to county, city and community councils and planning boards.

7) Sustainable Development or “Sustainability”  is often promoted with the environmental message of “going green”, or “being a  good steward” but in reality there is actually a much, much deeper political  philosophy of control and governance at work.

8) Sustainable Development is a  political philosophy that is built upon three pillars.   These three pillars are known as the “3E’s”, or “the triple bottom line”.  The three pillars of sustainable development  are Ecological Integrity, Economic Prosperity and Social Equity.

9) Sustainable Development demands that  the perfect balance of the triple bottom line” be the deciding lens through which all community development,  growth, and decisions are viewed. All growth which fails to achieve this  perfect balance is considered unsustainable.

10) Communities are being drawn down  the path of Sustainable Development by the lure of numerous monetary grants and  incentives from state and federal government agencies as well as non-governmental  organizations.
11) Sustainable  Development views traditional capitalism and the American way of life as a failing  and inequitable system that must be replaced with a new governance system in  order to achieve sustainability and a just world.

12) An  overwhelming number of businesses and corporations have began shifting to a Sustainable  Development operational model and in so doing have rejected the traditional  “bottom line” of American Capitalism replacing it with the “triple bottom line”  of United Nations Sustainable Development.
13) Almost  every College and University in the nation has become indoctrinated with the  philosophy of Sustainable Development. From campus infrastructure and  administration to student life and the curriculum America’s Colleges and Universities  are awash in this radical, collectivist philosophy.
14) The philosophy  of Sustainable Development calls for a complete change in the lifestyle of the  average American citizen. Numerous aspects of normal American life are subject  to intense scrutiny under this radical new philosophy. Where and how we build  our homes, what products we use, which foods we eat, what and how much we  consume, and which methods of transportation we choose, are just a few examples  of American life that United Nations Sustainable Development seeks to bring  under its controlling grasp.
15) Sustainable  Development and Agenda 21 promote a paradigm shift in attitudes away from the  norm of national borders and individual nation-states toward a globalist,  collective, one-world, interdependent, and interconnected planetary mindset.
16)  Sustainable Development philosophy teaches that mankind is living beyond the  “carrying capacity” of the Earth and that we are in the midst of multiple  crises that are converging to create conditions that are not livable unless  they are halted by a rapid global transition to a sustainable development  system. Some of these perceived crises include overpopulation, global poverty  and wealth inequality, manmade global climate change, and rampant environmental  destruction.
17) Across  our nation numerous communities of all sizes are putting into place the radical  policies of Sustainable Development and United Nations Agenda 21.  From new comprehensive land use plans, to  smart growth, and sustainable community planning, the ideas and infrastructure  of Sustainable Development are being implemented and added to daily.
18) The  policies of sustainable development and Agenda 21 seek to change the way people  live and build their cities and towns. Sustainable Development promotes high  density, urban, pedestrian oriented, low carbon, walkable communities and  discourages traditional American automobile usage, suburban lifestyles and  development.
19) The Sustainable  Development philosophy perceives the automobile and the ongoing use of fossil  fuels as unsustainable.
20) In  addition to the high level efforts within the United Nations and other similar  globalist organizations, much of the work in promotion of Agenda 21 and  Sustainable Development is being carried out by a massive network of Non  Governmental Organizations (NGOs). These organizations have been fully consumed  by this radical collectivist philosophy and are working overwhelmingly to  advance the Sustainable Development Agenda.
21)  Sustainable Development and the implementation of Agenda 21 are not some far off  future possibility.  In fact, America and the  world are in the midst of what the sustainable development movement calls “the  great transition” to a sustainable new model of living.


“If we are to stop the transition toward  this impossible utopian world we must first awaken and face the reality and  seriousness of the situation our nation and the world are in so that we may  rise to the occasion, raise the banner of faith and freedom high and stand  firmly against the onrushing darkness at hand.”  -Darin Moser



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2 responses to “21 Truths About Agenda 21 & Sustainable Development

  1. Darin Moser: Your article is very helpful
    for me to catch up on this UN attack of
    our freedom.
    The UN wants to impliment this program that takes away our freedom, way of life,
    land and more. So the UN uses Americans
    money, since we are the biggest contributors
    to take our freedom & then we pay our Banker Communist Red China.
    Thank you for the article. I am sharing your
    information with my network.
    Terry Dyer

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