List of United Nation’s Agenda 21 – Non- Government Agencies

First of all, NGOs, Non-Government Agencies, were defined by the United Nations (a foreign entity) in 1945.  An NGO is a non-profit corporation that is independent from government control.    NGOs main purpose is to develop a bottom up support for world govertnment – to give the illusion that grassroots are in support of world government. It doesn’t mean they don’t make profit.  They do, but the profits (after paying salaries, projects etc) are to go back into the corporation.   No tax is paid on the surplus profit that goes back to the corporation.  Of course non-profits do pay a different kind of price: strict regulations on what they can and can’t do – look up the rules for a 501c (another tool to control us for the ‘benefit’ of some tax relief).  For the purposes here, it is important to mention that the many government type NGOs forming in America and around the world are blurring the lines between government and the private sector.  Many of the NGOs, like ICLEI, are creating rules, regulations, ordinances for governments,  in essence becoming government.  They are reaching well beyond the declared functions of governments defined in our U.S. Constitution and other country’s laws of the land.  They also get the freedom to do this with no accountability to the people.   Citizens do not vote for representation, leaders or have any say what so ever in who runs these NGOs.   1945 was the groundwork to pave the way to the many, over 100,000 NGOs, today.   Many as you see below have a direct impact in the way we live – the unknown, and unaccountable government.

2 Types of NGOs according to World Bank:

  1. Operational NGOs – implement projects to achieve small scale change, mobilize financial resources, materials and volunteers to create localized programs in the field.  An example is a city’s Redevelopment Plan

  2. Campaigning/Advocacy NGOs – seek large scale change through influencing the political system – they hold demonstrations and events that keep their cause in the media.

NGOs working on the bottom up and the CFR working on the top down together will smash the sovereignty of the United States of America and other countries and shift all power to the United Nations. 

Some NGOs do both.

  1. AARP – American Association of Retired Persons – 1958 by Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus – one of the most powerful lobbying groups in US – claims over 40 million members

  2. Amnesty International – 1.8 million members – human rights advocacy/campaigning

  3. Cool Cities – ‘Solving global climate one city at a time’

  4.   Mayors Climate Protection Center (US Mayors Agreement) –

  5. SFI – Sustainable Forestry Initiative

  6. Trilateral Commission – 1973 – Originally created to bring together experienced leaders within the private sector to discuss issues of global concern in Europe, North America and Asia.   Now it has grown to include members from more countries.  Check out more on their website.

  7. UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – apparently has enough money to send their first satellite into space.

  8. WTO – World Trade Organization –

  9. AFF – American Forest Foundation

  10. ATFS – American Tree Farm System –  1941 – Forest Certification Program – pushing tree land owners to get a land Management Plan – basically have a government official go over with you what you are going to do with your land and get your land ‘certified’ as sustainable – Certification needs to be renewed every 5 years – cost goes to land owner.  Currently certification is voluntary, but more and more Timber companies are looking for it and ‘might’ pass up doing business with you and your trees without it.   The lumber industry is moving towards if your ‘trees’ land is not certified by ATFS or Federal Program you will not be able to sell your lumber.  There are 8 ATFS Standards to get certification (AFF’s board of trustees adopted these the industry standards in 2009).  1.  Commitment to Practicing Sustainable Forestry 2. Compliance with Laws 3. Reforestation and Afforestation – must restock with trees that are desired species in your forest owner’s management agreement/manual. 4.  Air, Water, and Soil Protection,  5.  Fish, Wildlife, and Biodiversity – must contribute to the conservation of biodiversity 6.  Forest Aesthetics – must follow guidelines for visual quality 7.  Protect Special Sites – must keep historical, archeological, cultural, geological, biological or ecological characteristics – must protect any endangered species found on your land.  8.  Forest Product Harvest and Other Activities – use ONLY qualified natural resource professionals and qualified contractors (AFF will determine who is qualified).   – All of these 8 standards must be met to be certified and at the OWNER’s expense!!!  BTW: If endangered species found – you must do all means decided by ATFS/AFF to protect species which most likely includes not being able to harvest and sell your lumber.   Believe it or not but many land owners sign up for this!!!   Where is the choice to do what you want with your own land – by the way none of this can be accomplished without a full inventory of your property from each tree to tree to junk laying around to any buildings/equipment you have.

  11. Caritas –  Offices at the United Nations in New York and in Geneva, as well as headquarters in Vatican City,

  12. CCE – Center for Civic Education – funded by US Dept. of Education in 1994 to write America’s “National Standards for Civics and Government”  – there is a movement to World Citizenship over National Sovereignty to transfer to global/international principles.  All publishers are now rewriting their textbooks to conform to the official model.

  13. CEPR – Center for Economic and Policy Research – established 1999 – to promote democratic debate on the most important economic and social issues that affect people’s lives.  “informing people of the problems and choices they face” – Rockefeller Funds, NASI and Ford Foundation are a few of the funders

  14. CFR – Council on Foreign Relations – founded on 9-11 – 1921 –  video that Hillary Clinton states how influential the CFR is on our government.  The CFR purpose is to lay the groundwork in the USA for world government.  First mission was to find a processor to the failed League of Nations.  CFR members were the ones who created the United Nations organized by Secretary of State Cordell Hull – appointed as Sec. of State by Roosevelt.  Hull won the Nobel Peace Prize for establishing the United Nations.  The CFR members dominate  every President’s administration since WWII.  (Mr. Ted Cruz’s wife is on this Council) (Mrs. Cruz, Heidi,  is an investment banker, previous Economic Director to Rice in White House while Bush was in office,  on the National Security Council, Director on US Treasury Dept, Special Assist to Ambassador Robert  Zoellick, US Trade Representative, Prior to government service Cruz was an investment banker at J.P. Morgan in New York.)  Also known as: The Royal Institute of International Affairs in all other countries – U.S. Chose a different name.  It is the Inner society of Secil Rose Intercollegiate Socialist Soceity.   Most powerful single organization.   Appointed positions not elected.  Some of the Charter members who financed its start:  William A. Harriman, Col. Edward M House (Pres. Wilson advisor), John D. Rockefeller, J P Morgan, Paul M. Warburg. Otto Kanh, Herbert Lehman – Current Board of Directors include: Tom Brokaw – NBC News, Sylvia Burwell – President of Bill Gates Foundation, Joseph S. Nye Jr. – Professor Harvard University, Peter G. Peterson – Peter G. Peterson Foundation, Fredrick Smith – Chairman, President CEO of Federal Express Corp., Fareed Zakaria – CNN, David Rockefeller – Honorary Chairman to name a few.  Over 4,500 members – ‘ranks include top government officials, renowned scholars, business leaders, accclaimed journalists, prominent lawyers, and distinguished nonprofit professionals.’  ‘Members have unparalleled access to world leaders, senior government officials, members of Congress.’ See more on their website.

  15. CID – Council for International Development –

  16. CODEX Alimentarius Commission – created 1963 by FAO and WHO created to protect fair trade practices – although stating to protect the health of consumers

  17. ECOSOC – Economic and Social Council  – part of UN – has a arm called The Committee on NGOs – established 1946 – which supports/facilitate all the various NGOs – in 2011 there were 333 NGO applications for a consultative status with UN – 146 NGO received consultative status – see lists of NGOs

  18. ERCT – Electric Reliability Council of Texas –

  19. FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN – Rome – Italy – Controls CODEX

  20. H-GAC – Houston-Galveston Area Council –

  21. IBO – IB World School –

  22. ICC – International Chamber of Commerce –

  23. ICC – International Criminal Court – 1997

  24. ICJ – International Court of Justice – Hague – Netherlands

  25. ICLEI- International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives – aka: Local Governments for Sustainability – founded 1990 – headquarters: Germany?  – In United Nations program book of 1992 in Rio – on page 55 (“under the aegis of non-government organizations active in this field: (promoting sustainability), “such as the IULA – International Union of Local Authorities, the ICLEI, and the World Federation of Twin Cities.”

  26. ICMA – International City/County Management Association – promote the creation of Sustainable communities in line with UN A21.

  27. ILO – International Labour Organization

  28. IMF – International Monetary Fund – Washington, USA

  29. IMO – International Maritime Organization – London, UK

  30. IC – Invisible Children INC – a San Diego-based NGO – produced “Kony2012” – a film that does inform us about one part of a massive issue in Uganda, but fails to mention the real reasons and history for the major problems and genocide in that region.   Who and why was/is the LRA,   Lords’s Resistance Army, what/who are they resisting?  Why now?  Why now was this part story done on Uganda, just after the discovery of oil in that region?  Many questions come to mind from a critical thinker and need to be addressed before you blindly follow a production made for the ‘masses’ without all the information.

  31. IUCN – International Union for Conservation and Nature – “provide the philosophy, objectives and methodology for the international environmental agenda through a series of official reports and studies” – more at American Policy Center

  32. IULA – International Union of Local Authorities

  33. LEED – Leadership in Energy and Design – 1998 – ‘Green’ building certification system that provides 3rd party verification that a building or community was designed with specific ‘green’ initiatives (like energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, AND stewardship of resources (what specific brand name materials to buy/use) and sensitivity to their impacts).  –  LEED rating system: 4 levels listed bottom to top: Certified – Silver – Gold – Platinum – LEED forms the basis for sustainability rating such as the EPA’s Labs21 (  )

  34. NAC – National Association of Counties – there has been situations where this association is stating that Hazard Mitigation is legal when other agencies are saying it is not.

  35. NANP – National Association of Nutrition Professionals –

  36. NASI – National Academy of Social Insurance – “mission is to promote understanding of how social insurance contributes to economic security and a vibrant economy”

  1. NCTCOG – North Central Texas Council of Governments – Established in 1966 by STATE enabling legislation (which legislation?)  signed by Governor –  – a subdivision of the State of Texas (with no regulatory power) (subject to state laws governing open meetings, access to public records),  a VOLUNTARY association of, by, and for local governments.  Established to assist local governments in planning for common needs, cooperating and coordinating for sound regional development.  The Texas Governor, in 1974 – Dolph Briscoe, designated the NCTCOG as the MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization) – a federal mandate to have Governor designate a MPO – for transportation planning – the Governor appointed the RTC (Regional Transportation Council) as the decision-making for the group.  RTC also works closely with TxDOT – The Executive Board (NCTCOG elected 11 member board) establishes policy on comprehensive planning that are FIRST approved by the RTC.  RTC is composed of 37 LEADERS: 32 are city and county officials – the other 5 are appointed (by who?) – 2 TxDOT District Engineers – (ex: Maribel Chavez ) 2 transportation authority representatives (ex:Mark Burroughs ) , and 1 – representative of the North Texas Tollway Authority.

  2. NTCAC – North Texas Clean Air Coalition

  3. Oxfarm

  4. POLF – Points of Light Foundation – 1990 – the name came from George HW Bush’s State of the Union speech when he said, “ We can find meaning and reward by serving some higher purpose than ourselves, a shining purpose, the illumination of a Thousand Points of Light.”   This organization supports volunteer based organizations with programs, products and services.  Changed to the Point of Light Institute ( talks to merge with Hands On Network).

  5. SODEIT – Social Development International –

  6. STEER Foundation – achieve social justice

  7. SWN – Safe Water Network – sustainable, scalable market-based solutions that provide safe, affordable water to underserved populations – – founded by Paul Newman –

  8. UN – United Nations – established 1945 – given a Consultative Status (this status is for all NGOs).  The U.S.A.  This year 2011 – The U.S has given over 2 billion to the UN.  The US is the largest contributor to the UN, UN peacekeeping, and UN agencies  – paying almost a quarter of the UN regular and peacekeeping budgets!   Side note: Interesting… The UN (UNESCO) is going to start having space exploration – humm – who is funding that?   Is the UN using their funding for exactly the purposes stated in each branch?

  9. United Nations Conference of Environment and Development – not actually an NGO but an event that that set a new procedure for shaping policy – as American Policy Center states a ‘controlled consensus’.

  10. UNEP – United Nations Environmental Program – 1973 – created by UN General Assembly – “this is the catalyst through which the global environmental agenda is implemented.  Virtually all of the international environmental programs and policy changes that have occurred globally in the past 3 decades are the result of UNEP efforts” – by American Policy Center.  “provide the philosophy, objectives and methodology for the international environmental agenda through a series of official reports and studies” – more at American Policy Center – also: “many government agencies like: Department of State, Department of Interior, Department of Agriculture, EPA, NPS (National Park Service) and USFS (US Forest Service) and Fish and Wildlife Service – send representatives to all meetings of the UNEP”.

  11. Urban Land ?

  12. USGBC – U.S. Green Building Council –  developed LEED

  13. WB – World Bank – Washington, USA

  14. WFP – World Food Programme – Rome, Italy

  15. WHO – World Health Organization – Geneva, Switzerland – Controls CODEX

  16. WMO – World Meteorological Organization – Geneva, Switzerland

  17. WFUNA – World Federation of United Nations Associations – created 1946 – independent – non-government organization – a Category One Consultative Status at the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) – acts as a consultative or liaision link with other UN organizations and agencies

  18. World Federation of Twin Cities

  19. WRI – World Resources Institute –

  20. WWF – World Wildlife Fund – “provide the philosophy, objectives and methodology for the international environmental agenda through a series of official reports and studies” – more at American Policy Center

  21. World Vision International –

Government Agencies:

  1. CEAM – Center for Exposure Assessment Modeling – part of EPA– 1987 – provides assessments for aquatic, terrestrial, and multimedia pathways for organic chemicals and metals.  – Groundwater models, Food Chain models, Surface Water models, multimedia models

  2. EPA – Environmental Protection Agency –

  3. DNR – Department of Natural Resources –

  4. DENIX – Dept. of Defense –  Environment, Safety and Occupational Heath Network and Information Exchange

  1. Texas Department of Transportation –

  1. NTTA  – North Texas Tollway Authority – subdivision of State of Texas – under chapter 366 of Transportation Code – empowered to acquire, construct, maintain, repair and operate turnpike projects, raise capital for construction through Turnpike Revenue Bonds; collect tolls to operate, maintain and pay debt of project.  (9 member governing board – how do you get on board?). They receive no direct tax funding (is there a indirect tax funding?).  They raise capital for construction through the Bonds.    August 2011 Report NTTA

  1. TxDOT – Texas Department of Transportation – established by State of Texas Legislature in 1917 – to administer federal funds for highway construction and maintenance.   2 mergers in 1975 and 1991 – TX State Legislation combined State Department of Highways and Public Transportation, the Department of Aviation and Texas Motor Vehicle Commission to create the new TxDOT.  (TxDOT in September 2009 signed an agreement awarding Spanish company Cintra for development of new LBJ project – highway will be part free – part toll – with the private developers getting tolling rights.  Good article on North Texas Transportation.

  1. UTP – Unified Transportation Program – 10 yr statewide funding plan for transportation project development.  Program updated annually by the Texas Transportation Commission – (3 member commission appointed by the Governor).

  2. U.S. Department of Energy

Question/thought:  TxDot made an accounting error of 1.1 Billion dollars in October 2007 and didn’t come forward until Feb 5 2008– stated to Tx Legislature that they counted some proceeds from bond sales twice and now doesn’t have the money to do projects it committed to.  The audit of Aug 2008 – done by state auditor’s office said their complex structure and ineffective internal communication and misunderstanding of its data – lead to the accounting mistake of counting assets twice.   Also, Why is  TxDOT being allowed by Texas gov. to sell off our road to foreign investors?


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